Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in the Taoist philosophy of Wuwei, usually translated as "doing through not doing". Although it may seem like a far-fetched concept, in our understanding of Wuwei, it is really one of the most practical philosophies.

Our school is based on our teacher's integration of traditional Tai Chi and Taoist philosophy with modern scientific understanding (he is also a physicist). We find this approach to be invaluable and deeply transformative. In our teaching, we strive to integrate both deep inner awareness and anatomical understanding to provide an experience that is rich, satisfying, and safe.

Individual Therapeutic Sessions

Our therapeutic approach to Tai Chi and Yoga uses these traditional arts to help people improve movement patterns, release stress and tension in the body and mind, and improve overall quality of life. We offer individualized sessions which take into account the whole person and are targeted specifically to each individual's needs. Contact us for more details or read about our private sessions.

Classes and Workshops

We offer regular classes and workshops in Philadelphia PA, Princeton, NJ and surrounding areas.

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There are essentially two types of responses that we can have to situations in life—reacting with stress or responding without stress. If we don’t react with stress, then our inner nature which is pure, whole, creative, and abundant is allowed to manifest. This is the philosophy of Wuwei. It can be practiced standing, sitting, walking, lying down, or moving about engaging in one’s activities. It is simple and at the same time a profound transformation of one’s whole way of being.