Welcome to Wuwei Healing Arts.  We are a small team located in Princeton, NJ offering an authentic and unique approach to traditional Tai Chi, meditation, and Yoga.  Our school is inspired by our main teacher, Master Wonchull Park, who has taught us the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Taoist philosophy and shown us how these principles can be applied to everyday life. No one has been able to show us so clearly or directly as Master Park how it is that our own interference with our action is our greatest limitation.  Through the principle of Wuwei (effortless action or not interfering with one’s own action), Master Park has been able to show us ordinary people how to attain beyond ordinary skill in martial arts practices and how to use this same principle for deepened awareness of mind and body, reduced pain and stress, and self healing.  Although we are still far away from attaining his level of mastery, these teachings have profoundly transformed our lives and we want to share them with all who may be seeking.  We invite you to join us on this adventure of discovering the harmony between the inner and outer, the firm and the yielding, and the Yin and the Yang that opens up when we awaken to the world of our inner feeling.


Aaron and Sanela