Immerse yourself in this 8-week course to gain awareness of your internal and external experience, to develop a practice that you can use throughout your life, and to reap the many benefits of Tai Chi. Learn how to relax into the comfort that is available to you at all times, how to practice the basic forms of mind-body somatic awareness, and how to apply the basic philosophy of Wuwei, or non-doing, to any activity in life.

In this class, students will learn how to really feel comfort and relaxation—not just as concepts but also as direct experience. This course focuses on the idea that there is much more sensory information available in the body than most people commonly take advantage of, and that by learning how to utilize more of this information, one's experience of moving, breathing, and simply being alive can be much deeper, more fulfilling, and more pain-free.

A simplified form of the long Chen-style form will be taught, and will serve as a framework for students to develop their own home practice of meditation and Tai Chi. Students will gain an understanding of how to integrate their physical actions with inner awareness and intention, and will learn skills to connect with a deeper sense of comfort.