Private Sessions for Therapy and Personal Growth

One of our primary focuses is providing an individualized approach to Tai Chi and Yoga that can be used for therapeutic purposes as well as for self development. We aim to look at the whole person, how the body is habitually used, where stress and tension is held and provide specific tools from the Tai Chi and Yoga traditions to help increase one's awareness and range of possibilities in movement and in life.

Our unique combination of trainings and practical experience, grounded in philosophy and science, provides a unique and effective context for working with the individual goals and concerns.

Please see our testimonials page to hear about others' experiences.

Here are some of the areas where our approach might prove useful:

  • reducing and managing stress

  • promoting balance, coordination

  • promoting ease of movement, flexibility and grace

  • reducing falls

  • improving posture and body mechanics

  • body-mind integration

  • naturally promoting meditation and mindfulness

  • releasing holding patterns within the body

All exercises are taught according to the client's own pace, abilities and desires.

Schedule and Fees:

Day-time, weekend and evening options for private sessions available. Please contact us to schedule a session. Our standard fee is $75 for a one hour session.