Here are a few comments that students at our school have shared about their experiences in classes and private sessions:

“Sanela is the perfect instructor to introduce us to Tai Chi. While she has an obvious degree of knowledge and and skill, she also has the ability to present the basics to absolute beginners such as [my wife] and me”. W&MC

“Sanela is teaching eye-opening things about body awareness without expecting us to do forms yet. And it is fun! We look forward to our lessons! It is like we are children, learning to move and walk again”. WC

“I never really understood what anyone meant when they say that “shavasana is the hardest pose” until I started working with Sanela. It’s not even that it’s hard to relax the muscles (okay), but that it takes courage to release body and mind to whatever they’re going to do, and to accept it and bear witness to it. To ‘find the comfort’ in this sort of utter self-reflection is about self-acceptance in a radical sense. It’s a totally different class from anything else offered at [name of institution], or for that matter almost anywhere else that I’ve encountered, ever”. DB

"After every class you feel more relaxed, uplifted and smarter; your skills have improved, and you recognize a continuous improvement in yourself and your life.  And it’s fun!”

“I learned that my body can feel free.”