Aaron Craelius & Sanela Solak


Aaron and Sanela founded Wuwei Healing Arts to share the work of their main teacher, Master Wonchull Park, of the Wuwei Tai Chi School in Princeton, NJ (scroll down for more on him). Having both studied a number of other mind-body disciplines, they found something unique in his approach that they felt needed to be shared with the world. Wuwei Healing Arts represents the synthesis of their study with Master Park and their own personal experiences and study. Their curriculums and offerings have been created under his guidance.

About Aaron

Aaron first began exploring meditation and Eastern movement practices (Tai Chi and Yoga) when he was in college in 1999. Since 2003, he has been studying Tai Chi, martial applications, meditation, and Taoist philosophy with his primary teacher, Master Park of the Wuwei Tai Chi school. He was certified to teach Tai Chi in 2007. In 2004-05 he attended Health Choices holistic massage school and in 2010 he was certified as an Integral Yoga instructor. Over the years he has also been exposed to a number of other traditions including various forms of Buddhist meditation (Zen, Vipassana, and Tibetan) as well as various Native American healing practices. He continues to study regularly with Master Park and assist with his public classes. Aaron is a recent graduate of the Hakomi Institute's comprehensive training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy.

About Sanela

Sanela was introduced to meditation and Eastern practices when she was a teenager growing up in her home country, Bosnia. She explored different yogic practices from whatever books on the topic she could lay her hands on. She got up at 4 am to practice as the books instructed, although that part she eventually found hard to follow. Later, in high school she found a teacher and received formal instruction on meditation. Her thirst for knowledge and self-knowledge took her to the US in 2001, where she met and studied from various teachers in NY and NJ. In 2007 she received her first Yoga certification from Golden Bridge NY in Kundalini Yoga, began teaching, and in 2010 she was certified as an Integral Yoga instructor. That same year she met her Tai Chi teacher, Master Park, fell in love with the practice and quickly became one of the most active students and assistant teachers at the school. After her first class she knew that she would be doing this practice for a long time, if not a lifetime. She has accumulated over 1500 hours of training and was certified as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor in 2011. She is trained in Chen (Xiaojia branch) bare hand form, push hands, martial applications, sword (Jian) and spear (Qiang) forms, and Wuwei Qi Gong. She is currently teaching group classes and individual sessions in the NJ/Philadelphia area. Sanela is a recent graduate of the Hakomi Institute's comprehensive training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy. She is also enrolled in a Counselling Psychology program at Goddard College.

Our Main Teacher: Master Wonchull Park


Master Wonchull Park studied from high-level teachers in the Chen, Yang, and Wu style Taiji lineages.  His Chen style teacher is Master Chen Peishan, the 20th generation lineage holder of Chen Xiaojia Taiji and the Chairman of International Society of Chen Taiji.  His Wu style teacher is Master Zhang Yun, the Head of Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association North America, who is a senior student of the late Grandmaster Wang Peisheng (Yin Cheng Da Shi), the previous Leader of Northern Wu style Taiji.  His Yang style is from Cheng Man-ch’ing’s lineage, having learned from three of the late professor’s students.  He also studied Taiji and Qigong with Master Yan Gaofei.  Master Park is currently a member of the board of directors of the International Society of Chen Taiji.  While his true love has always been Taiji and Taoist philosophy, by profession he was a physicist and he uses this background to bring deeper scientific understanding to Taiji.  He teaches actively in Princeton, NJ via his Wuwei Tai Chi School and through the Princeton University Tai Chi Club and Recreation Department.