We aim to offer an awareness-based and breath-centered asana practice that emphasizes the inner landscape over outer performance. In this way, Asana in itself can become a deep meditation. Philosophy and techniques culled from our years of Tai Chi study inform our approach.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or Yogic deep relaxation is an incredibly useful tool for conscious relaxation and stress reduction. It is easy to practice and can provide one with the feeling of being refreshed and rested.  We generally include some Yoga Nidra in every Yoga session and also offer Yoga Nidra sessions on their own.

Lineage & Influences

Although our school has strong Taoist roots, the Indian philosophy and practice of Yoga is valuable complement and is particularly suited to many people’s temperament nowadays.  Our Yoga practice is derived primarily from the Integral Yoga lineage of Swami Satchidanda although we have been influenced many other traditional and contemporary Yoga schools.  We believe that the Taoist perspective we have gained through Tai Chi practice has deepened and enhanced our understanding of Yoga. See our lineage page for more information